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Mindful Self-Compassion


Hi, I’m Susan, Mindful Life Coach and passionate mindfulness practitioner.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness for 25 years because I was a whirling, self-critical being all those years ago and needed help.


I started studying Mindfulness formally five years ago and then I taught, and worked with a mentor until I became accredited as an Advanced Mindfulness Facilitator after five years of study. Now, I love sharing it with others because it’s helped me so much.


Mindfulness is about being aware in the moment of what is happening in your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. You learn to build increased awareness and consciousness especially when you practice every day.

Mindfulness is enhanced by self-compassion, and now research and studies have shown us that mindfulness and self-compassion enhance emotional wellbeing, boost happiness and reduce anxiety and depression.


I invite you to join me in an educational evening with BCAK where you will:

● Explore what mindful self-compassion is

● Learn the three components of self-compassion

● Do a guided meditation practice on self-compassion Increase your ability to comfort yourself without judgment in this moment, accepting your own humanness and imperfections.



Susan Young, M.Ad.Ed., PCC, SSW, is a Professional Certified Coach, Advanced Mindfulness Facilitator and registered Yoga Teacher in private practice. She is a skilled facilitator who has practiced mindfulness with a passionate commitment for over 25 years.

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Mindful Self Compassion Session


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