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Science tells us that plastic is everywhere, in the depths of the oceans and on top of mountains. It is also in our bodies and those of many other living creatures. Unfortunately, science does not fully understand what the consequences of this are or will be, but infertility and breast cancer have already been associated with hormone disruptors found in some plastics. With these chemicals, scientists have also created breast cancer in test tubes and in rats. 


Our Board decided we wanted to help to empower our members to do something about these plastics and help our environment at the same time. We have therefore partnered with 3 existing community reuse programs to decrease our consumption of plastics and other products. 


We are now working with Earthub to gather:

  • plastic water and drink bottle tops only

  • metal drink tabs

  • mascara wands - used for small animal care

  • bubble wrap

  • totally clean prescription pill bottles - reused for a Medical Mission

  • milk bags - used to make sleeping mats for the homeless

  • egg cartons - used by local farmers

  • moving wrapping paper

We are also working with the Humane Society by gathering:

  • unopened animal food

  • toys

  • clean blankets

  • clean towels 

  • office supplies


Finally, we are working with Staples to gather:

  • pens and markers that have run out of ink 


Please start collecting these items and spread the word to friends and family.


You may drop off your items at BCAK's office in the gym area during business hours Tues to Fri between 12 and 4.


To date, we have gathered over 118 pounds of items and diverted them to good use!



Donna Hackett and Kingston Humane Society Apr 2023.jpg

Donna Hackett & Terri-Lynn (holding Alder) at the Kingston Humane Society. 6 bags of donated items were dropped off in April.

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