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Adventure Retreat May 27-29, 2022

The Wilderness Adventure Retreat for breast cancer patients, thrivers, survivors, and supporters was a huge success.  The weekend getaway to the Wilderness Tours facility in Forrester Falls on the Ottawa River was held May 27 to May 29th, 2022.                   

A big shout out to the following for their generous donations & support. 

Without you, the cost of the retreat would have been double.. 

  • Steve Petrie - Petrie Ford

  • LaFarge Cement

  • David Cupido - Cupido Construction

  • An Anonymous Donor

  • Spearhead Breweries


                  Thank You!

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Even if I didn't do the river run, I had the most amazing weekend - thank you to everyone for sharing your love with me!!  Wendy 

I absolutely second Laura. Over one glorious weekend a   group of (mostly) strangers to each other became fast friends.   To hear the laughter, to see the joy in everyone’s eyes, to hear your stories…. The whole thing totally blew me away.  I now have a family of sisters and daughters (both of which I lacked).  

I love you all.    Maggie 

Ladies can I just say I had the most refreshing, adventurous trip full of laughter and compassion and LOVE. It was truly what my soul needed and I soaked up everything I could!! I was so involved in being present I think I have like 3 photos (sorry)!

Thank you to each one of you for making this weekend incredible……

Laura (the one who DID NOT GET LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM)   Laura 

I absolutely agree With Laura and Maggie. 

The last weekend was what  all of us needed so much plus alll bonusses In friendships, Care and Love that we surrounded ourselves and each other. Amazing memories forever are formed too. 

Not to mention water rafting!!! Omg, I never thought that I can do that. I was terrified and now I am proud of one more impossible achieved. 

Thank You All.   Bea 

The best part of the weekend for me was how easy it was to be around each other. No explanations, yet stories flowed freely, Trust, comfort, humour (my God Maggie I love you). Thank you all for the most amazing memories. I also believe we left a lasting impression on that place and they will be talking about us for a while.    Susan 


First of all, one more BIG thank you to Serena and Wendy for all your hard work making this trip so enjoyable for everyone! What is our next trip!!!!

It was so nice meeting everyone I did not already know. You are all awesome strong women! Thanks for being such great trip mates. I hope we are all together on the next BCAK adventure. 

Thanks Wendy and Linda for organizing photo memories for us. I did not take any knowing Wendy and others were all over it.   Donna 

I can't even express my feelings from this weekend.  I get goosebumps reminiscing already! Looking forward to our next adventure!!!   Tracey 

Wow, I never get teary (meds), and reading this brought me tears of joy, the comments along with the memories were exactly the ending that I needed for an incredible retreat.

I had no expectations of the weekend, I was going so far out of my comfort zone, and all of you, and I mean it, every one of you touched my heart in some way or another. Making connections, laughing, tears, support, growth, and inspiration was only part of what I came away with. I couldn't have imagined a better group to spend and explore this adventure with. I love all of you and am so blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting you or re-connecting with you and finding my own way all throughout.

As Serena said, not the way in which I would prefer we found each other, but the world is funny like that. I truly believe that I needed all of you and hope that I was able to spread some joy in return to all.

Thank you so much to everyone for planning and participating. It was a memory and trip I will never ever ever forget.

XO Amanda (the one who couldn't get out of the river) I can laugh about it now... well a little.   Amanda 

My eyes are welling up reading everyone’s comments. These words mean so much and makes it all worth while. 

You all are truly amazing and I can’t wait until the next adventure. I had a hard time saying it at dinner but here what I was trying to say:

“Firstly, thank you to Wendy, Linda and Maggie for all of your help, this retreat would not have taken place without all of their hard work. 

Secondly, thank you all for participating and putting your trust in us to take you on this crazy adventure and being the first to attend hopefully one of many of these.

Although the circumstances that brought our paths to merge is not ideal, I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. It can be hard to hear during or after treatment or even in day to day life “to be strong”. At times it’s defeating, because you don’t feel strong.


This weekend, we were all strong and resilient, full of life. Full of laughter and full of friendship. Even on a getaway with my closest friends and family I could never feel more rejuvenated, free of judgment and able to open up, like I was able to this weekend. I can’t thank you all enough for that.


I too didn't take many photos, just soaking in the experience, but here are mine.


Take care to you all and hope to see you all soon.   Serena 

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