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Financial Assistance


Cancer can be expensive, and not all costs are covered by the healthcare system. Major out-of-pocket expenses can include drugs, medical equipment, specially fitted clothing, transportation, hotels, meals, parking, vehicle repairs, fuel, home care, and childcare. The financial burden can be compounded when a patient or a caregiver is unemployed, is elderly, has concurrent other health issues, has children, or the patient cannot work because of treatment. BCAK, through an application process and fixed criteria, can provide financial assistance to those impacted by breast cancer.


While we acknowledge that every person who is diagnosed with breast cancer experiences a financial impact, our directive is to provide financial assistance for patients who do not have the resources to cover the costs of basic necessities such as food, shelter, medical, and additional expenses related to treatment.

Applications are prioritized according to income levels and we frequently provide financial assistance to applicants who are living at or below the poverty line. If you have a monthly surplus, your application can possibly be denied.

The Financial Committee, with discretion, retains the right to deny any application. BCAK offers financial support to those individuals residing in and receiving their treatment within the Home and Community Care Support Services South East (formerly LHIN, Local Health Integration Network). Applicants are encouraged to canvas other sources of funds available in the community as well as support from BCAK.


Maximum limit: Up to $1,500 (per year), with total lifetime maximum of $3,000.00 per person.  

Included Items:              

  • Lymphedema massage - $1500/ year (maximum $3000)                           

  • Prosthesis - $250 (every 2 years)                                          

  • Partial Prosthesis - Up to $80 (every 2 years)                                    

  • Wigs - $350 (1 per hair loss due to treatment)                          

  • Bras (maximum 2) - 60% of cost (every 2 years)                                           

  • Compression Sleeves - 30% of cost of a set of 2 sleeves (max of 2 sets/year)    


​​Financial Assistance Applications will only be accepted in the current year of the expense (ie, if purchased or service provided in 2023, expense must be applied in 2023). 

Invoices and/or receipts must be included with the application along with proof of payment, where applicable. If an invoice is not available, a letter from a Social Worker will be accepted. BCAK also maintains a number of resources specific to wigs, prosthesis, bras and swimwear. Please contact the office if you are interested in reviewing the products located at our Kingston office. 

Process For Applications
  • Download and complete the Application Form here.

  • Ensure the application is fully completed, signed and witnessed.

  • Attach any relevant information.

  • Submit the application to the Financial Assistance Committee at BCAK either by mail, fax or deliver to our  office during office hours.

 To apply you must:

  1. You have had a diagnosis of breast cancer.

  2. Include invoices for breast cancer diagnosis related expenses and proof of payment or a letter from Social Worker.

  3. Applicants must disclose all sources of household income (including but not limited to spousal support, child  support, rental income).

  4. Expenses that fit BCAK funding criteria are outlined in the expense section of the application (but does not limit other expenses that  might be considered by the FA Committee - detailed explanation and receipts will be required). 

  5. Applicants are encouraged to canvas other sources of funds available in the community as well as support from BCAK.

All Applications are Kept Strictly Confidential.

Applicants will be contacted after the Financial Committee reviews the application.  

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