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Programs & Services


BCAK is committed to offering a wide range of support and programs to women of all ages and background throughout their cancer journey. The following programs and services are available for all breast cancer patients in the Kingston and surrounding community. These programs and services were chosen and designed based upon the experience of our members, needs of the women in the Kingston area, and research.



Saunders-Matthey Cancer Prevention Fund

BCAK is honored once again to have been awarded a $10,000.00 grant generously recommended by the Saunders-Matthey Cancer Prevention Fund and facilitated by the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation.

Saunders-Matthey Cancer Prevention Fund  — The Saunders Matthey Fund was started in 1996 by Ray Matthey in memory of his wife and daughter. Funds provide support for trainees and senior investigators focused on cancer research, education, and prevention. An emphasis is also placed on how environmental factors may be contributing to cancer. 

BCAK has been the successful recipient of this grant for the past two years. This grant has allowed us to expand our efforts to reach out to both the men and women living with this disease, as well as the public in general throughout our extensive catchment area. This Outreach Program is an important ongoing part of BCAK’s strategic planning and the development, delivery, and sustainability of all our programs and services into the future.

The grant has allowed us to continue to develop and expand our Outreach Program for people dealing with breast cancer throughout Southeastern Ontario. We aim to continue to increase membership, strengthen community recognition, and encourage broader participation in BCAK programs and services.

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