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Peer Support


Survivor Facilitated Support Groups & 1-on-1 Sessions

Women at all stages of breast cancer are welcome to attend our support groups; before treatment, during treatment and/or several years beyond diagnosis. These groups are led by trained facilitators who are breast cancer survivors.


One-on-one conversation as well as group discussion is available. Resource information is also accessible.

  • Members of BCAK do not give medical advice. 

  • Support and understanding in a safe and non-judgmental environment.                      

  • Group members have the opportunity to share information and concerns with each other in a

       sympathetic manner.


If you are interested in attending one of our group sessions, please, contact the BCAK office at 613-531-7912. We will, upon request, set up a telephone / virtual support call. This is to help those outside the city who cannot easily commute to BCAK. Call the BCAK office for further information.


Regular Support Group:

Our facilitators are breast cancer survivors who volunteer their time once a month to allow women who have been affected by the breast cancer journey to come together in a secure and safe environment to talk about their situations and concerns. Women leave the group having made new friends and with a feeling of relief, knowing they are not going through this ordeal alone. The exchange of information between these women makes this group important for all. We are a group of kindred spirits who appreciate being able to share the same journey. Those who attend gain confidence that there is life after breast cancer.


5:30 to 7 pm.

These meetings will be led by three trained survivors and EVERYONE is welcome. No registration is required. Just drop in whenever you can. The meetings will be held both in-person and virtually to accommodate health risk factors, travel, and scheduling barriers. These meetings provide the opportunity for you to listen to or discuss anything about breast cancer in a supportive environment with others who are on or have had their own breast cancer journey. 

If you wish to attend in person, come to BCAK's office at 650 Dalton Ave. Unit 110 in the back gym. If you wish to attend virtually, call the BCAK office during business hours for the zoom coordinates.

We look forward to meeting you!

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