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Volunteering with BCAK
Why Volunteer For BCAK?

Volunteering provides a sense of community. It also allows members to meet new people and develop relationships and helps BCAK meet its mission and goals. BCAK has thrived for over twenty-five years because of the strong commitment and passion of its volunteers. Our volunteers put in many hours a year working to enhance the services BCAK provides to our community. As BCAK grows, so does the need for more volunteers and the more volunteers who step up to help out, the more services and programs we can offer.  It's a win-win!

How to Volunteer for BCAK
  • From time to time, there may be a specific ‘call for volunteers’ for a committee or event through BCAK's various media – consider how you might be able to support that call.

  • If you are not sure what suits your needs or what BCAK is looking for, don’t hesitate to contact the office. 

Call us at 613-531-7912 or email or complete the online Volunteer Form below.


What Do Our Volunteers Do?
  • Help outside organizations with fundraising for BCAK.

  • Assist at BCAK events or fundraisers, for instance our Annual Walk, Share the Care Golf tournament, and Charity Dance.

  • Volunteers write our newsletters, sew our puffy pillows, pouches, and ribbons and work in our office.​

Without our volunteers, BCAK would not exist and their hard work & dedication allows BCAK more visibility and awareness in the community. ​Come out, get active with this wonderful organization.  Meet our fantastic members and have a great time! This is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in our community.

Volunteer with Us
Which days are you available?
Upcoming Events in 2024. Let us know which events may interest you.

Thank you for your interest as a prospective volunteer at BCAK.  You will be contacted prior to the event to ensure you still want to be included.

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

BCAK Ribbon Project


BCAK’s teardrop-shaped pink-on-black ribbons attached to BCAK business cards help to make our organization more visible to the public.

  • The teardrop represents the tears shed at the time of diagnosis. 

  • The pink ribbon salutes the courage of the thousands of people who are diagnosed. 

  • The black lining honours the memory of those who have died. 

The challenge is to end the deaths so that we can remove the black lining and wear the pink ribbon in celebration.


BCAK volunteers stitch the ribbons and make the ribbons and business cards available to the public free of charge at an ever-increasing number of our fundraising events and public displays.


If you would like to assist with this program, please contact the office at 613 531-7912.

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