Support our Puffy Pillow Project

Post Operative Puffy Pillow Project

Our Postoperative Puffy Pillow Project (POPPP) has been initiated to distribute a comfort pillow, a drain bag pouch, information about our organization and a list of local resources available to those who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer.


The pillow is given out at the time of breast cancer surgery at the Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital at NO COST


If you had surgery in Kingston and you did not receive a pillow, call BCAK at 613.531.7912 and we will deliver a POPPP package to you.



This project began in 2005 and many breast cancer surgery patients have been comforted with these pillows since then.  

Patients who have undergone breast cancer surgery at either of our hospitals are to be gifted a “pink bag” containing one of our pillow kits prior to discharge from the hospital. 

The kits consist of:

  • a welcome letter from a “breast cancer survivor friend”,

  • a small soft pillow in an attractive slip cover,

  • a pink pouch for their drain bag,

  • our resources pamphlet listing services available in the area for breast cancer patients,

  • other information about Breast Cancer Action Kingston (BCAK). 


If a patient who has had surgery misses out on our pillow gift, they are welcome to call our office and we will gladly provide them with one of these kits at no cost.

The pillows are intended to provide a small measure of comfort as it is helpful to have something soft upon which to rest the affected arm after surgery, especially if there have been any lymph nodes removed. 

Also, the information in the kit is often the first time the patient learns of BCAK, who we are, what we do and what we have to offer them.

A thank you is extended to:

  • the Nurse Navigators of the Breast Assessment Program at Hotel Dieu Hospital

  • the nurses at the EPAC and Phase II Units, also at Hotel Dieu

  • the nursing staff at Kingston General Hospital’s Same Day Admissions and Outpatients Units 

  • those who have to cut out and/or sew the pillow covers:  Doreen McDonald and Pam Cowell

  • Diane Molson and her daughter, Kim Molson-Moore for sewing the drain pouches

  • Marj Mason who makes the “pink ribbons” for BCAK. These pink ribbons are also tucked into the pillow kit. 

  • Stephanie Turner for her help with sewing pillow covers and a thank you to Linda Jean van Hal for her donation of many yards of fabric which was used to make the pillow covers.

  • those who have made a specific donation towards this project.

 In 2021, 81 pillow kits were delivered; 3 to KGH, and the rest to Hotel Dieu.

Donations of fabric are always gratefully received.  We prefer the material to be 100% cotton, with an attractive print.  Any size piece is appropriate provided it meets the minimum requirements for one pillow cover which is 30 inches by 15 inches (80cm by 40cm).  

If you are interested in donating fabric or putting your sewing expertise to work, please contact:

 Willi Clark

Project Coordinator

613 531-7912