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BCAK is thrilled to partner with James Braden Nissan to hold a Plant Sale on Saturday, May 25 from 8am-1pm at the dealership - 790 Gardiners Rd (at Taylor Kidd - NE corner).


In the meantime, we are looking for plant donations: indoor, annuals, perennials, vegetables & herbs, and planting pots. 

Please submit the form below so we can track the donations. You will be contacted by our volunteers with further instructions.   


Plant Sale Donations

Plant Info





  1. Moving of plants should be done on a cloudy day so the plant will not lose any moisture. 

  2. The day before the plant is to be removed, water well, making sure the water disappears.  The soil should be moist and easy for a shovel to go into ground.

  3. Dig all around the edge of the plant out about 6-8”.    Dig down about 10-12” deep.   This depends on the size of the plant and maturity.  You will have to judge accordingly. 

  4. Using your shovel, gently put it under the roots lifting it out of the ground and place it in a clean container, ensuring you are not breaking any stems or buds.  As you are doing this try to make sure to centre the plant in the middle of the container.  Place soil and fill around the edges of the plant and firmly press down.

  5. Water the plant slowly until it drains.   Do not over water as roots need air as much as moisture. This will keep it from wilting.  If the water does not drain and sits on top, it has had too much water.   Be careful.

  6. Keep the plant out of the sun as it may go into shock. If it is a sun loving plant gradually put in the sun watching it make sure it is OK, till it is replanted in its new location    The same method for a shade loving plant, keep in the shade until ready to replant. 


Donated PLANTS for the sale can be delivered to Braden Nissan on Friday, May 24 between the hours of noon and 5:00 p.m.  Please have all plants in containers and sorted into type of plants and (if possible) tagged to note the type of plant.  If you don’t have tags, consider popsicle sticks, cut strips of plastic containers such as yogurt containers, or use slats from old blinds cut to length.  Write with a black marker – type and colour.


If you have any pictures of your plants, bring along … it will help with the signage.


Enter Braden and drive to the back of the building, you will see our tables set up.  Park and one of our volunteers will help you carry your plants to the tables.


If you are unable to get to Braden on Friday, please call the office (613-531-7912) and we will make alternative arrangements.

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