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Did you Know??

The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Pink ribbons, & the color pink in general, are worn to honor survivors, remember those lost to the disease, and express moral support for women & men living with breast cancer. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So... got pink?  Wear pink and show your support.

Each day last year, an estimated 75 Canadians heard the life-changing words, “You have breast cancer”.

And while more people are surviving a breast cancer diagnosis than ever before, it’s still the most common cancer and second leading cause of cancer death among Canadian women. (Canadian Cancer Society)

October is the primary fundraising month for Breast Cancer Awareness and whatever you give is appreciated.  

What a Successful Night!  Everyone had a great time.... thanks for coming out!

Special thanks to the following ... it's because of You, we were able to make this happen:

Legion 631 Collins Bay - exceptional service.

Steve Cheesman & The Heeters - always entertaining, great music.


Cheryl Hosking      Wendy Barrette       Bill and Lynne Funnell

Cathy Kingdon       Bev Martin              Linda Yohn

We had door prizes, the Square Board, 50/50 draw and 19 Pink Ticket Boxes in the Club Room...    We Raised $5428.00!

All but one item was claimed in the Club Room, the Roots Purse... is this your ticket number? 223854  Please call the office to claim this beautiful handbag.  

  We thank you for your support and generosity!

JPEG Square board.jpg

So many beautiful items donated for the ticket boxes.   Thank you to our generous donors:

Audrey Harvey                                Maggie Daicar

Paula Bishop-Lansdown                Liz McDonald

Louise Boardman                           Ramekins

The Mandarin                                  Car Medics

Aqua Car Wash                                                     

Thank you to the BCAK Board for donating the prizes for the Square Board

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