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Hands on Self-Examination

A Hands-On Approach to Breast Self-examination

A program designed to promote greater awareness of the importance of performing breast self-examination (BSE) regularly and correctly.


Whatever your age, women are encouraged to learn what is normal for their breasts by looking at and feeling their breast tissue and reporting any breast change promptly to their health care provider.


Women should also use a hands-on approach that is comfortable for them and at whatever time is convenient.


Upon request, we provide physicians, nurse practitioners, and clinics with a BSE kit. The free of charge kit includes a breast model with simulated lumps and educational materials.


Are you a patient?

Ask if your health facility uses a kit.

Are you a Health Care Provider?

Ask for a FREE kit by emailing our office

or calling 613.531.7912

Download Free Hands on Kit Request Form (PDF)

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