Lymphedema and Breast Cancer

Lympedema Grant - extended to Dec. 31/2020

Do you have lymphedema as a result of breast cancer? 

Do you live in the area currently covered by the South-East LHIN  (Local Health Integration Network)?

If so, you may apply to BCAK for some financial help in relation to costs associated with the ongoing treatment and maintenance of lymphedema.

These funds are provided by a grant with BCAK received from the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area to use for lymphedema issues for affected breast cancer patients.

Please call or email our office for further information and to request a copy of the application form or download below. 


Please read for additional information

Lymphedema  Support Application Form

The Board of Directors of BCAK and Bea Faraklas, Beas’s Mastectomy are pleased to announce a new service available to all Breast Cancer Action Kingston members free of charge.

Bea has purchased a Lympha Press® and installed it upstairs in her boutique.  


Lympha Press® is a dynamic compression therapy system that applies pressure in sequence from the distal part of the limb towards the body.  The pressure wave is created by up to 24 overlapping inflatable chambers inside a special garment, or sleeve, which is fastened around the area to be treated (arm, leg or torso).

Each chamber inflates in sequence applying a directional massage action that assists trapped lymphatic fluid to find its way to alternative open lymphatic channels.  Once the sequence is complete, the Lympha Press® releases the pressure allowing the emptied lymphatics to refill.  Then the process starts over again.

By appointment, BCAK members will be able to take advantage of this service free of charge if visiting the boutique.  If you are unable to manipulate the staircase in Bea’s boutique, for a minimal charge of $25.00, the machine can be set up in your home for your treatment.

To take advantage of this special service, call Bea or Shelley at 613-547-3262 to book your appointment.

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, treatment times will be limited to the capacity of Bea’s salon.

Lympha Press

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